Why run a competition?

Competitions are attractive and are a perfect driving point for your campaign. You can engage applicants who are already interested in you, and attract our platform users who are not yet actively engaged with your brand, maximizing your exposure.

8,00,000 +

A competition puts you in the spotlight for more than 8,00,000 + Mytat users


are more likely to apply to the company sponsoring the competition


The competition model reduces sourcing costs by 50% and time by 30%


Launch your campaign

We help you customize your competition based on your target group of candidates and the skills you are looking for. Use the platform for branding or promote different positions and trainee/graduate programs. Test applicants' suitability (based on degree, experience, etc.), and most importantly, test their skills!

Engage the community

We take care of the marketing for you, and we help you promote your opportunity through tailored, targeted paid and earned marketing. You also gain a new way to promote your social media pages, newsletters, career fairs and brochures to participants.

Connect with candidates

Keep track of your progress with real-time statistics about your opportunity and your applicants. After the deadline you can sort and select finalists and winners, and continue communication about your company and any openings to your top candidates.